About Us

Stella and Helena, two Brazilians from the state of Bahia, started Fest Cake London in 2018. They’re two women that love confectionery, are full of grit and will power, and are destined to conquer the world with their talents.

The great inspiration and the beginning of this success story began in Brazil, 8 years ago, with Helen’s sister, Cris. It started with an idea with little pretension, just to bring happiness to family members and close friends. Many people praised the beautiful designs and wonderful taste of their sweet treats. The word-of-mouth spread and  the business grew. They started serving new clients, increasing the demand and resulting in great success.

With God’s blessing, and a gift given by Him, Stella and Helena decided to start Fest Cake London and present it to the world, making a big dream come true. The company is extremely grateful for its clients that seek in its cakes the fulfillment of a dream. Everything is made with a lot of love and dedication so that they have the best experience and as much satisfaction as possible.