Campaign Ribbons Chocolate Mould in BWB 9819

Campaign Ribbons Chocolate Mould in BWB 9819

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This mould has a very special meaning, as it keeps us reminded to support the important causes around us. Even in difficult times, there’s nothing better than getting a treat and supporting a cause. This mould has lots of meanings, choose and personalise yours!

We couldn’t leave our colouring range out for this one. Add colour and life with Colour Mill, developed especially for chocolate. Choose your favourite colour.

Cavities: 10
Length: -- x Width: 20 x Height: 7.


Clean the products with warm water before and after use;

Between applications simply wipe your mould with a high-quality paper towel
Do not use brushes, soaps and detergents.

For longer life, keep your mould away from direct sunlight.


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