Geometric Bear Box with Display - 5 Boxes per Pack

Geometric Bear Box with Display - 5 Boxes per Pack

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Ready to meet this gorgeous personalised outline, made in exactly the right size for your bear Mould?
The wait has ended, our Porto Forma outlines have arrived, and they are here to stay.
With its perfect finish and precise cutting, this outline brings all the sophistication and modernity needed to present your final product.
Shaped with the use of lasers, this product is at the cutting edge of confectionary art.
This outline is super versatile and can be used for several occasions, such as baby showers, gender reveals, birthdays, and more.
Use your creativity to amaze those around you.

Code 1500
Cavity: 1
Dimensions: 246 x187 x 54

Package with 5 boxes

Illustrated images.
Chocolate bear not included.
Mould not included.

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