Irca Milk Chocolate Scaglietta Flakes 1kg

Irca Milk Chocolate Scaglietta Flakes 1kg

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rca embodies Italy's love of food. Founded in 1919 by the Nobili family, Irca is driven by a mission to make great food, easy. Buon appetito!

• Tiny (0.5mm thick) glossy flakes of real milk chocolate
• Perfect for coating chocolate truffles or decorating cakes, ice creams, desserts and mousses
• Also available in dark and white chocolate flavour



MILK CHOCOLATE FLAKES-Cocoa 20% min. HGREDIENTS: Sugar, full cream millk owder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, obiined mil. powder, emulsifier: soya in, vanillin. ore in a cool and dry place Net weight: 1kg e- Professional use Best before: see the date shown on the bag

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